This is a response to Dangles pitiful attempt at a point. I believe each and every individual has the right to vote for whoever they wish, regardless of their motive. I do not care if it is because they like the look of them, they have the same kitty cat, they use the same brand of fabric softener, or they have actually bothered their backsides and read up on each candidates policies. 
     Lest we forget our "modern democracies" hail from ancient Greece in the 6th century BCE -that is six hundred years before Jesus was born- like then, the democracies of today are merely a legal representation of the people. A democracy is given power to the people, used by the people for the people. In a democracy the power and the voting is for all of society to utilize, no matter gender, colour, race, creed or sexual orientation, it is a system in which all men and women are equal in being able to vote or express concerns. Denying one person a vote would open floodgates banning others. Women were not allowed to vote, neither were black people, those were horrific times, and more worrying they were in "modern times".
               Personally I have never voted, as in my opinion which ever party you vote for you still end up with a lying snake in the grass politician, perhaps if that could change I would start to vote. But, even though I do not exercise my right to vote, no one should think to take that right away from me, or any other person, as it is one of our most basic rights and never should be changed!
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