Wacky-Ass Dream

So last night, this dream began when a Black man in a muscle-tee showing his chiseled arms walks up on my driveway to meet my dad. I walk up because I can tell the black guy works out and I want to back my dad in case anything happens. (Me and my dad both lift weights, btw). As soon as I walk up, a tall, thin black man arrives from the car they came in that I hadn't noticed at first glance. Then a slightly overweight white man with dirtyblonde hair and glasses come out of the car with a shotgun, a colt 45, and a pistol.  He gives the pistol to my dad, gives the 45 to one of the black guys and keeps the shotgun.

My dad starts working on the car, shooting is pistol every few seconds and all I have in my hand is an empty duffel bag. Then the guy in glasses starts firing his shotgun at me and I have to keep deflecting it with my empty duffel bag.

I remember my dad saying: Just do what he wants, it's the only way to save me.

Normally, the bullet would go right through the bag, but for some reason, the bullets were only going about 60-70 mph. either way, I was scared as hell as I hid on the side. Then my friend, Johnny Ott came and started knocking away bullets and came over to me. We both left and went to what I think was Sports Awards night, except it was in the daytime.

Also, another van was in my driveway and I remember chucking a stone at it. It bounced off the backlight and the white guy yells, "OH HELL NO, KID! OH HELL NO!"

After the awards thing, I entered my house from the back end so I wouldn't come across the driveway and those guys again. So I go into my room and the white guy is there. He takes the screen off my window, reaches under, and grabs this rusted metal contraption.

I ask the man, "Why does it have to be like this?"

He answers in an unhappy tone,"It just has to be! Okay?"

Then he walks out of my room. My mom, totally oblivious to what's going on, asks me a question, but I don't remember what it was. I think it probably had something to do with what she was wearing. Probably about her shoes.

As I was in my room, I grab my cellphone, my wallet, and I put on some light clothes and I remember that I was about to run away; to return when things got better. I didn't get woken up or anything, but the dream ended there.


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Uploaded 06/23/2008
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