Walking Dead -- TV and Comic and fan title opening

I had been waiting for this series to come out since I had heard it was planned in March... Then once I heard Frank Darabont was one of the creators, I was ALL over that. >.<

AMC's web site was even cool enough to post a fan's sick opening title sequence mostly made from the comics: I totally recommend if you haven't seen yet.

It's a challenge, because even though I understand that comic to TV is transcending different mediums, (In fact, I'm usually the one to defend a movie from angry originist nerds) I still find myself getting picky about certain things watching the TV show. But then I catch myself and say SLOW DOWN--SEE WHERE THEY GO WITH IT. But I look forward to the 4th episode...and entering their extra contest!

It's still cool to see that AMC has also totally turned around with all their bitchin original shows, I'm a fan of (Mad Men, too). They must have hired some smart ass producers. >.<

Also--Walking Dead must be the ONLY comic series I've had to tap out of because it got to depressing at parts... -_- Which is why I'm glad it's a TV show now...maybe it'll be a little lighter. ;)
Uploaded 11/18/2010
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