Wedding Traditions

So in the last two and a half weeks I was in a couple weddings.  One of them was in Denmark, and the other one was in Los Angeles, but my friend married a Cambodian girl so there was a Cambodian and traditional wedding.  It was pretty interesting to see the different traditions that each wedding held.  
The Danish wedding was pretty similar to a christian wedding, but the bride and groom got to sit for most of the time, and the father of the bride hangs out the whole time.  At the reception almost everybody there gives a speech and they sing songs and drink a shit ton of alcohol.  If the groom ever leaves his new brides side.... every man in the place will go and give the bride a kiss, and the same goes for if the bride leaves the grooms side.  And if at any time people start to stomp their feet the newlyweds must go under the table and kiss.  Lastly, they don't toss a bouquet or garter...they lift the groom up, take off his shoe and cut the end of his sock.  I don't know why, but it was pretty funny to see.  I am also interested to know how often a groom loses a toe when his drunken friend is careless with the blades. 
The Cambodian wedding was insane.  There was far too much going on to explain it all here so I will give the cliff notes.  We started with a huge line of people, led by the groom, all carrying food to bring to the brides home.  If she lets him in, then she goes away and he sits there in special clothes while people talk about him and they check him out to approve or not.  ( I think)  Then she comes down and they hang out for a bit, and then they ring the gongs, and they both go away.  They change their clothes and come back and the parents etc talk to them.  Gongs, new clothes etc.  Finally they come down after changing again and they bow to the families and sit down with their hands over a sword.  Then all the couples (if you are single or divorced or widowed you are not allowed in) tie a red string around their hands.  This took a very long time, but when it was done they got pelted with rice and flowers for a few minutes, then they were finally done and I got to eat a huge feast.  
Then we did the traditional wedding and went to the reception.  Since I was in the wedding I had to participate in greeting everyone that came into the building.  There were almost 500 people and if you know Cambodians... they aren't the most punctual.  We were there bowing for almost 3 hours.  Luckily my friend brought us some liquor.  Then they introduced us like it was the start of a basketball game.  Then we had to take a bag of presents to each table and that table would offer drinks and food etc.  This all seems like a chore but it was really fun and a crazy experience.  Then they partied pretty hard.  I got to learn all these fun songs and I acted like I knew what the fuck was going on.  I had to...Im a 6'2" white dude amongst 500 asians... I didn't blend in.  They were both great weddings.
I thought about all the other weddings I have been to and they felt.... well, pretty boring.  Basically sitting through church, which for me is not fun at all.  Sure a party is a party, but it seemed flat and tame.  I decided that I need to bring some of these back to America.  Either that or I need to marry a girl who's ethnicity dictates a different style of wedding.  
Anybody know of any other cool traditions out there??

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