What annoys YouUsME

As i was sitting here at my desk, at my little cubicle after spacing out for about an hour i began thinking of the shit that has been annoying me lately.

Why is it that everytime i go to buy a pack of cigarettes they never get it right?? "ill take the camel frosts please, the blue pack on the bottom left".. no thoughs are marlboro the right... ok thoughs are parlaments. GODAMNIT, Its not that hard to find the only camel pack thats blue.

I dont like ordering chicken nuggets from McDonalds and only getting one pack of sweet and sour sauce. There is no way thats enough sauce for me to completely enjoy my meal!!

I dont like the fact that there are no bars in walking distance to where i live, i need to move to CALI

I dont like sleeping with a woman then having her bring up her boyfriend.

it annoys me when that guy in the group of friends that nobody likes, We will call him baxter... gets dropped of at my house randomly and askes for a ride home.

These were just a couple things that annoy the piss out of me, now feel free to share the most rigamortis annoying bullshit that has you wanting to pull out your hair. >:-)


Uploaded 07/02/2008
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