What happened to Movies?

I always loved movies, all my life. I don't know why. When I make a movie it's an expression of my work. Almost like a painting I have to put much work into it so it looks the best I can make it without a multi-muillion dollar studio, recording equipment, crew and thousands of dollars in props.

So why is it I turn on TV and see previews for movies that look like the man who thought them up was on an acid trip. I mean look, name one good idea for a movie this month. Scott Pilgrim VS World, Eat Pray Love and Titanic 2. How the hell can you make a movie called, 'Titanic 2', seems like the first one covered everything there was to cover about a boat that sank.

That's something else. This over dependency on sequels. Why doesn't someone make something new for once? I mean a short while ago I walked into a theatre and every single movie was a sequel except maybe Jonah He. Titanic 2, Nanny Mcphee Returns, Step up 3d. Why can't someone make up a new movie.

For that matter, Step Up 3D. Step Up really pisses me off. Almost as much as Twilight!!!(I mispell Twhilight on purpose. I don't even think it's a real movie.) I mean a movie about a bunch of people who dance. How is that meaningful, an expression of character or a fine work of art as movies shoud be? It's just someone who's hit rock bottom as a director and substitues his or hers lack of talent with a cheap story, fancy tricks and special effects. Just like avatar.

I didn,t like Avatar. Some people did and I don't want to take that away from them. Everyone can like what they like. But if someone likes a movie simply because some guy put in a lot of special effects and had a budget through the roof I don't think it can be that good. James Cameron's a good director, he directed Titanic one (which is where it should stay) but that doesn't give him a pass to just make a movie out of special effects. And yeah, maybe it had a bit of a message but if the only way to get your message across is with fancy lights, then Idon't think it's all that strong. I mean, I like to see things blow up too but if Rambo was just that it wouldn't be that good.

What happened to movies like, The Shawshank Redemption, The Godfather even The Naked Gun series with Leslie Nielson was one of the best movies ever and they didn't make it or sell it on special effects. The best movie on earth was made in 1936, Citizen Kane. No special effects, no fancy light shows, just a strong story and good characters along with briliant directing and editing. I think all movies should be like that.

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