What Happens Now?

I read a blog that Letemdangle posted a little while ago in which he lamented over the loss of effective and articulate bloggers on eBaum's.  Names I have either haven't heard or have only ever seen in reference. My immediate reaction was to scoff or tut-tut about such pedantic nonsense, but it seems he was right. It makes me wonder about what kind of thoughtful expressionism I missed before I came here.


The general consensus seems to have been that these were, shall we say, an eloquent bunch of people. Nowadays it only takes a quick look through the blog stream to find things like "fagget atheists", or "trolls r good" and you can see that there has been some type of epic decline in quality. On a secondary note, I really hate Frogbob.

As much as I prize grammatical propriety I concede that content is equally important. After all, what's the point in being able to say nothing much very well? Point made, I can't seem to find many good bloggers here that are capable of fulfilling both requirements. History indicates that this was not always the case, otherwise complaining about poor blog quality on eBaum's would be like complaining that the sun is hot or that water is wet.

Oh, sure, I can always scoop Letemdangle or Tyaeda for some well spoken and interesting stuff, or I can hit up Rin for a dose of something a bit sharper, and I've enjoyed following Artman and his "Pawn Takes King", but what else is there? What are we left with? There's a tangible vacuum that was once host to names like Sparks158 and StraightJacketGirl. And speaking of vacuums, it would be too easy to reference Shylilazn, Phyliseo, and their various alts who, while maintaining good grammar, never seem to have anything to say. Everyone appears to hate them, too.  Where have the rest of these good writers gone?


As the shadow of previous greatness departs will it be cast again in a newer form? Or will there be a steady decline in merit as one by one the rest of the eloquent depart for greener pastures?

Uploaded 01/30/2013
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