What I did today.... I feel bad now.

It was raining outside today & I had "plans" I was a little bored. I met this girl a few months ago, I thought she was cute or what not, so I called her yesterday so we can meet up somewhere. She wanted me to come to her house, so I did. She was all alone we had a little convo had shots of absoult & she went to go take a shower. She called me into the bedroom, she had her towel on with a towel on her head. I sat on her bed and she gently laid me down, pulled down my sweatpants, took off her towel, and then pulled it out and start sucking it. She thought I was going to eat her out but I was fingering her. Not knowing she had children, I did not hear anything nor did she for her to have a 1 story house, its pretty big. Her daughter & her aunt not shouting her name while they walked quietly in the room......... Now she is going to be scared for life. 
Uploaded 04/23/2011
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