What's for Dinner, With Herman Cain.

With the familiar  pizza slogans of bygone days, Mr. Cain has managed to sell his product with a simple slogan that everyone can understand... 9-9-9.  This would be great if your  toughest decision was between fried chicken, leftovers and pizza,  but considering the current state of affairs, more bold, radical solutions are required.  Sloganeering is best left to cheese dogs and carnival mouth pieces.

 While I admire Cain's business savvy and his personable ways, I would remind you good folks in the USA, you have a country to put back together and a rather important one at that, you are not trying to sell fast food to kids whacked out on dope, looking to satisfy the munchies. Well, you have that too, but it's more like feeding the dog compared to running a household.

I've taken some time to study Mr. Cain and there is one thing that stands out about him. That is, he needs advisers and consultants to determine his position for every important decision he is faced with. 

 "What will you do about the economy?" Might be a question to Mr. Cain.

 " I have some very experienced economists, who I can't name, waiting to consult me when the time comes".  Is his usual  reply.

What about the Middle East Mr. Cain, as President, how will you solve that problem"? 

"Well, I'll surround myself with the best Generals in the country along with hand picked advisers to determine the best course of action." He would say.

 This strategy might work when making a pizza, but come on folks the man lacks vision and hasn't even printed a menu of principles he believes in. 

I'll admit Mr. Cain is by far a greater man than I, but something tells me he consults with his wife before buying a car and for me at least, that just won't do for an American President. 


Uploaded 11/13/2011
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