Where the Fuck Did Everyone Go?

As you may have noticed, I'm nowhere to be seen anymore. To be honest, this is not fault of my own. Ebaums has been steadily declining for a good long while and it's blogs have taken a huge hit. I have been glancing through the blogs every two days or so to see if there is anything in there worth talking about...but shit. I have seen nothing, and hence no real inspiration to write a blog myself.


      When I first started posting to ebaums my blogs would bring other people into it to converse on matters of religion, psychology and the sort. If I try to do that now...I get four responses from names I have never seen.

         What the fuck happened to blue, ell, dirtysanchez, and my good ol' buddy savcam? Blue and Ell have gone on hiatus for awhile and so have I.


         So please, for the love of god, someone come up with a good fucking argument so we can atleast make an attempt at getting back to the roots of this site's great "hole in the wall tavern" style that it used to be.


thegodlyone has spoken




Uploaded 01/02/2009
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