Who's Blog section is this?

  Ive been away from EBW for a while, but Ive returned.  I came back to a blog war between two factions.  Theres Neko and his/her minions vs. everyone else.  It seems that Tyaeda and Neko are having a virtual cat fight.  Everyone is calling this a battle or a war.

  First, no one pays to blog here.  As far as I know, no blogger owns EBW.  Therefore, this is not his, her, your, nor my blog section.  The only person that owns the blog section also owns the rest of the sight. 

  Now, Ive seen war.  I mean real war.  Real war involves human flesh being ripped apart by bullets and explosives.  In war, young men and women are killed.  Friends are lost in real war.  Those friends were killed in a far off place and you never see them again.  I lost a friend this year.  His daughter will never see her father again.  His mother has outlived her child.

  Real war separates family members.  Ive had Skype conversations with my wife interrupted by rocket attacks.  I was part of the quick reaction force for FOB attacks.  Ive seen the destruction to people and property that war causes.  Ive unloaded body bags with young Americans in them from helicopters.

  Im proud of my military service.  Im proud to have served my country.  Im not slamming what my brothers and sisters in arms do.  

  Calling this blog feud a war is an insult to real war.  This is not a war.  Neko and Tyaeda are passionate about blogging, and I can respect their passion.  But get over yourselves.  So stop calling this a war.  Yes, a blog is an extension of the author, but do you really care if someone reacts negatively to you?  I know that I pissed off a lot of people when I first started blogging here (I didnt follow the blog posting rules).  Hell, Tyaeda and I went back and forth for a little bit.  I got over it.  Neko you need to do the same.  Tyaeda, you do too.

  Im not going to quit blogging here because of someone else.

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