World Of Warcraft Geeks Are People Too... Probably

It's okay that your boyfriend is a World Of Warcraft geek, Tyaeda. It's not that pathetic. He could be a Star Wars geek. See? I bet you feel better now. I bet you didn't expect me to be this nice to you, am I right? But wait, there's more! I made a list of what you can do to make your boyfriend want to sleep with you instead of playing his favorite game.

1. Tell him that he's doing it "for the horde"

2. Paint your face green to look like and orc and make a sexy axe dance (you're Canadian, so you surely have at least one axe around the house)

3. Use phrases like "Don't be a noob!", "I'm... gonna... level up!", "Ride me like you're Azeroth cavalry", "Here's a fish feast for you!" and "Right-click me!"

4. Ask him to click your chest.

5. Say "Here's a rare drop" whenever you drop your pants

6. Tell him to "equip your slots"

7. Encourage him with things like "I bet you're not high level enough to mine me!"; if that doesn't work, offer him gold

8. Call him by his toon name and remember to include his server rank (whatever that shit is)

There, I probably saved your relationship. You're welcome.
Uploaded 12/08/2010
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