Worth of Life

This afternoon, I saw an ad for a group dedicated to the savior of tigers around the world, and it made me think about life and it's worth. The organization said that the numbers of tigers were dwindling because of poaching and land encroachment by humans. Well, isn't it safe to say that most of the people involved in those enterprises are feeding their families with money they make doing those jobs? Perhaps a portion of them are just operating to collect money for their personal desires, but I feel that a majority are most likely trying to create a living out of these practices. It's similar to the Somali Pirates, who hijack vessels and demand ransoms just to make enough money to afford their next meal, and support their families. 

So if we created an international law that banned the poaching of tigers and encroachment of their lands, wouldn't it cause people to suffer and go hungry? Is the life of an animal more important than the life of a human? Maybe it's the people's fault for pursuing that work path, but I have a feeling that in the affected areas there isn't a surplus of jobs in the community. 

Isn't it part of the natural order that species become extinct and other ones become dominant and use the former species' resources?  

Uploaded 03/31/2011
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