Would Ya?

To bang or not to bang? That, is the real question. As usual things have been slow at the dealership on week days, Saturdays have been alright the last few weeks. Moral of this story is one of the ways we pass the time. It's to be expected a group of men all together talk about one thing more than any other, sex. Surprised? didn't think so. So a game I was introduced to, well I had been playing it since I was thirteen but never had a name before I got to my first dealer. "Would Ya?" its quite popular. This was my F&I Manager's favorite game ever, he once called the whole sales staff into his office to ask us "Would Ya? Very simple really, When a woman enters our dealership we all ask each other "Would ya?" Usually ends in a simple yes or no and the occasional friendly debate. Now some may find this offensive to you I ask; "Really?" The only thing I can think of is your ugly and you think we would say "no" thats why you dont like it, fear of rejection. Maybe but seriously lighten up, men do this all the time even if we don't always verbalize it we think it. Walking down the street, at the store, the doctors office, & even funerals. Really everywhere we go, nothings sacred. We ask ourselves this question all the time, in groups we ask others. In the end it's harmless. Get over yourself.In most cases anyway we did have a particular incident that didn't end well. We would ya?-ed a female who came in to see one of our female co workers upon discovering we played would ya? she was not happy at all. We were in trouble for awhile. It eventually blew over and now she's one of the unmentionables around the work place. So a few rules I might suggest. Make sure you know who you are would ya?-ing. It would be pretty hard to be an employee who would ya?-ed the bosses wife or daughter. Don't discuss this to loudly. Don't want the subject of discussion hearing you say "Oh! yeah i'd tear that ass up!" that's just bad etiquette, gentlemen. Other than that gentlemen. Would ya? to your hearts content. Its fun helps keep you sane when you work long sales hours. Girls you too have at it, would ya? the men you see. It really is funny. You watch boys and girls i'd be willing to bet there's one in the group that will say yes no matter what!. Like a true champ, we have one. He rarely says no it almost a challenge to get him to say no, we search them out.

Uploaded 09/24/2010
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