Wow something WORTH ranting about!

Well its that wonderful time of the month again where I just find that ONE little thing in the news that pisses me off. Theres a few things on my mind that I find rant worthy now.

1. Why the hell does the media always say stupid shit like "This movie is now The most anticipated of the year" when come time, the turn around could be as fucked over as Uma Thurman's "mother hood" and only make a WHOPPING $130 USD, when it debuted in Europe only 12 people showed up to see its debut! I mean god sake people..$130? Thats an even worse flop than Gigli!. So why does the media always screw with our minds and say "Critically acclaimed this is hands down the wow omg best movie of the year!" when it entices us to rip out our eyes from their sockets and dip them in battery acid because of the vast majority of "OMG I want the last 2 hours of my life back now!" factor Okay folks as I said 12 people showed up to the movie debut right? Well guess what was said in a news article? 11 of them LEFT before the movies end!

2. All you little fucking PREP's and Teens. "Oh my ..gawd Becky...look at that guy he's sooooo hawt" Uhhh girl...its well *gets out hammer of death* Its called Edward Cullen is a fucking made up fictional character,,,all you hear is Twilight this and New moon that and "Holy shit Eclipse is coming out!"  Ohh jesus breaking fucking dawn .Stop dreaming of your appetite that will never be fulfilled for you to wanna fuck his brains out!

Okay so in one corner we have the preps..assholes who are so superficial they don't look for anyone aside from the biggest most jock'ish assholes on the planet to date..Ladies ladies...just because a guy has MUSCLE does not mean he has what if his dick is an 8'er or a 10'er ITS NOT GONNA FIT!. 3 or 4 inches are left out side your drippingly goneria and  STD infested little whorish pussies! ..What happened to dating a normal fucking human being!?!?! Get a reality check bitches! Cause you treat the normal crowd like common filth on the street then guess what..Your the one who ends up fucking up so bad in life you get pregnant and blame the guy for the fact your preppy ass couldn't keep your shaved ass and pussy shut!..we don't care about your "silky skin" or your 10 million pounds of make up or even FAKE hair!

In the other corner the opponent, the teen bopper little ditzy girl who thinks every single actor on the planet is hot, I mean they dream of Johnny Depp in bed with them. Its odd to me what little 13 year olds think is good these days. Most of them go after the gothic very eccentric kid. The list is endless. I mean you don't see many girls going after Harry Potter's main cast and crew? NO you see them idolizing and wanting to fuck older men known such as Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Robert Patterson, The list is fucking endless.

OHH and don't think I've left out you little boys! What the hell, all you think about when your like 13 is "OMG that girl is so hot" all your thinking is getting a quick pussy fix when your older. I mean jesus BAY watch would make you orgasm in 5 seconds flat just the opening theme at this rate. So your equally just as bad in this . Who's on the list of people you want? All the Asian little school girl wet dream fantasy shit? PLEASE guys make yourself decent cause one day when you go through school you may find that one little girl sitting in the corner with freckles and glasses, She won't be the hottest thing out there but you'll realize you love her!

I find this world staggering..Its really like the song goes by Bowling for soup: High school never ends. Little kids watch this and you'll understand..

So think of this kids, In 20 years your going to be part of the real world..YOUR NOT hot , your not pretty, your just like every fucking one else when you grow up! Your never gonna grow up to be Pamela Anderson, the reality is all you have to do is open your legs, Shave down, and be a ditzy blonde!. Guys your not gonna be Johnny Depp, or a ripped aging Stallone! Its not realistic. Your not gonna be a movie star, Your NOT gonna start a garage band, Your not and I repeat not gonna come right out of school and be rich. Your gonna need YEARS of schooling to realize what ya wanna do!

So do the world a favor, get your heads out of your prissy preppy ass's and learn to be NORMAL and fit in just like the rest of us. Or STOP wasting our precious air. Every day you do this is another day we have to listen to "Oh my gawwwddd owwwyy I broke a nail it hurts" SHUTTTT UPP!!!!!! or wait wait even better. "hey , hey dude..I knowwwww you wanna fuck her....I know see this magazine clip...See it? SEE SEE? Shes soo hot..." Reality check kid..shes NOT interested in you so why jerk off and leave your mark on the carpet! I mean fucckkkk sake! Do you think that person even remotely cares about you..or even knows you? Its like you know your parents will catch you one day with your dick in a sock "Oohh AHH OHHH *bed creek* OHHH JENNA JAMESON! OHH GOD" yeaa soo fake..! they are gonna wonder about your serious mental health buddy..Your rational thought has gone out the window.

Key is kids..GROW THE FUCK UP.

I mean all I see its complaining,vampire loving,living dead, gothic, skinny tight little sister jeans wear, same hair styles, same slithery lispy fake voiced,oh my god I broke my nail,give me that cell phone, word of wardshit, little kids!

Oh Disclaimer:I am not shunning or condoning masturbation, merely pointing out kids choose the most fake titted, muscle bound grotesque people that don't even give a shit about you to do it to.
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