WTF is wrong with Florida?

This is gonna be random and disjointed and doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but I guess I woke up grumpy this A.M. and watching the news just annoyed the shit out of me.

1. Seminole County parents are protesting the fact that on game days the cheerleaders wear their uniforms whose skirts (being cheerleader uniforms) are shorter than the recently mandated dress code.

Really? The tradition of cheerleaders wearing their uniforms on game day is as old as high school sports and I would love to meet the father who thinks his daughter's skirt is not short enough! I can only guess what  kind of armpit hair no leg shaving bleeding heart idiot is making the protest..

2.  A French Rail corporation is in consideration for building the new light rail project in Orlando, but wait, some woman wants the company to deliver  an apology for that companies participation in the transport of Jews during WWII before any award is made on an environmental and financial windfall for Orlando.

Really? While I abhor everything the Nazi's did during the holocaust, does this woman really think that the owners of that particular corp had any choice in the matter? I doubt it! Does she think that rail service was the only company involved in the Nazi war effort? I'm curious what kind of car she drives or what kind of clippers she uses to groom her poodle, you get what I'm saying.

3. Casey Anthony's attorney are going to "rapid depose" dozens of witnesses today in order to choose which witnesses are most sympathetic to her case.

Really? I'm glad the taxpayers have that kind of money that allows the defense to "pick teams" in her defense. (now I'm all for a thorough defense but these guys are pulling every trick possible out of the bag) For crying out loud just get the f'in trial started

4. A prominent UCF professor is screaming "racial profiling" because white  police officers  searched her car after finding prescription drugs in her car. She says the search was illegal, unnecessary, and only done because she is "multiracial". It's gone so far that a protest is now scheduled and students are demanding that an outside police agency investigate the incident..

Really? Maybe someone should review the law with her, the tenets of probable cause and the importance of cooperating with the police, instead of being (she admitted) hostile and uncooperative. The whole thing  would probably have gone alot smoother with just a little cooperation and she ultimately was not  detained very long, let go on her way no worse for the wear.

Thanks for letting me vent, I guess this is a longwinded unimportant blog, but what's her name really didn't want to hear it and I had to get my amazement and awe at just how stupid my state can be off my chest.

I won't even mention some of my  states past glories

Machete opens this weekend!

Arms folded and scowling at the news,


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