Yo Adam Sandler! You And Judd Apatow Should Make Billy Madison 2

At the end of the beloved 1995 Adam Sandler vehicle, Billy Madison, the goof-ball title character passes off on his fathers hotel chain and proclaims "I'm gonna be a teacher!". With a lead in like that I wonder if they ever considered a sequel? The movie was slightly panned when it was first released but has since become a cult comedy with massive sales on VHS and DVD. Who hasn't seen Billy Madison at least once? It's probably being played on TV right now somewhere in the world  and a whole new generation of fans will be quoting Sandler's trademark jabber. Would a sequel be successful at this point? Yes.

Most of Sandler's comedy's are based around the idea of putting his tough guy, slightly retarded every man character's into interesting life situations. Happy Gilmore, a movie based on what would happen if Adam was a pro golf player. You got Big Daddy,a movie about what would happen if a kid just showed up on Sandler's door. How about Mr. Deed's? A movie about what would happen if he inherited a huge fortune (yeah, I know it was a remake but the point is they made it because they knew the plot was a great Adam Sandler movie). Billy Madison gives us the perfect chance to ask "What if Adam Sandler was a teacher?" Sounds like a movie to me, but what would the movie really be about? Let me tell you.

We have Billy graduating from collage and getting a job as an elementary school teacher. This scenario is funny because of how horrible he was to his teachers, now he's going to get it right back. Put Adam in a suit and tie with "Mr. Madison" (my working title BTW) written on the black board behind him and a class full of off stubborn elementary schoolers, the scenes will write themselves. Mr. Madison will fail miserably with the class at first but will eventually win them over with his unorthodox but surprisingly effective teaching style. We could have Billy married to Mrs. Vaughn who could be pregnant, His father would be passed away (Darren McGavin died in 2006) and Eric, the villain from the first movie in jail. Eric getting out of prison and seeking out revenge would add great conflict to the story. A drunken relapse with the return of the penguin, a parent teacher interview with the O'doyle family and then throw in a rival teacher for billy to harass and you've got yourself a  profitable Adam Sandler comedy. Don't worry Norm Mcdonald, there's a part for you too.So who wants the script?

Side Note: Adam Sandler is my favorite actor of all time and Judd Apatow and Co are amazing, I cant even tell you how excited I am to see Funny People tonight. I know this movie is going to inspire me in ways I've never been inspired. yes this is my real face.

Uploaded 07/31/2009
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