You can eat shit and die for all I care.

There is nothing quite as sickening as a group of horny men in an A/V Chatroom.

Case in point: Last night (or rather, this morning) I wandered into a Userplane chat room, just looking to kill some time while everyone else in my house was asleep. Of course, there were unlimited creeps and a few decent people. I was just chatting away as I usually do, to anyone who would read, when all of a sudden everyone turned their attention to one particularly promiscuous user. The chat room was flooded with men trying to entice the young floozy. I clicked on her detail to see what all the fuss was about, and had a screen full of boobs. I quickly clicked away and proceeded to condemn the Whore of Babylon. She of course was not watching the chat but rather going to town on herself, much to my annoyance and the delight of everyone else. Many people told me, "Oh, you must be jealous." I was not in the least. The disgusting display went on for many minutes, and during that time I had to weed through "ooh baby" after "ur so good" after "put ur finger there" in order to carry on a civilized conversation.

Unfortunately there were NO mods or admins in the room at the time, and thusly she went unpunished. As it usually turns out, an admin arrived too late and ignored our report. It was probably for naught anyway, considering the user had already put on her peepshow. The fact that she got away with it is that much more appalling. I know there are always guys on cam beating it for hours on end, and that is obscene in itself. However, everyone knows to just ignore them. This bitch knew she'd have just about every guy on there watching. I don't think she typed a word. 

You might say I'm just giving her even more by blogging like this. You might say I'm jealous or no fun or a "prune" (UPDATE: The person actually called me a prune. Note the quotation marks.) as one person put it. Fine. Think what you will! I'll be sitting here laughing. Like Laughing Cow. Have you seen those commercials? Weak.


Uploaded 01/28/2009
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