You Threw it All Away!

The citizens of the USA are up in arms about arms. While I agree that people have the absolute right to protect themselves from enemies foreign and domestic, it is laughable for the average citizen to think they can in any way protect themselves from a tyrannical government with assault rifles. 

If the US government decides to take your guns, they absolutely will and no amount of fist shaking or grand standing will stop them. America is now experiencing what many countries have faced in the past, a absolutely corrupt government because it holds absolute power. 

Eisenhower warned you about the military industrial complex and still even today, it's gung ho,"Kill the mutant bastards". Does the average American have any idea about the weapons the military and police forces have to remove your guns? They have psyche weapons that not only dumb you down but confuse the shit out of you. They have propaganda,  misinformation, scaremongering, mass media is a joke that only divides instead of informing and unifying the country. 

Now there are the drones, from small planes to tiny spiders that can carry out any kind of personal attack on the "Gun holder". You shitting me? How are you going to defend yourself from a swarm of mechanical spiders or fly sized androids who can inject you with what ever substance they want?  To fight off these attacks will require leaders of great intelligence and courage and even if they take up the cause, a Predator drone will take them out with surgical precision. 

If you want a free America it won't be out of the barrel of a gun alone. It requires rule of law, an informed and united citizenry and the will to get there. If you have noticed all those corner stones have been breached, from Wall Street political insider trading to a rotting education system to an indifferent and  distracted populace, freedom is indeed at risk.

Bullets are fleeting things. Freedom can last forever if it's base is maintained. 

Uploaded 01/19/2013
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