Your religions. Is they real? but is they good enough??

Well in this blog i will try to figure out the most logical religion based on the facts i recieve....

���� Ok I need a religion, and i have allready looked at the obvious ones, christianity and jewishism , But I have not found a religion that suites my needs as a person. Sure i like to get presents for holidays but i disslike getting others presents.Now here is my stance on what i need in a religion. I need little or no guilt based on what "sins" i commit. I need a morale loophole...Also I need The promise of more cash and material luxarys as a result of my following.I would also like a trendy fast paised god figure of sorts, someone who can forgive with one hand while lighting your head on fire with the other. That would be neat huh. Your forgiven, Now stop drop and roll bitch eyebrows dont grow themselves back... Yea that would be neat huh... I also want to feel ok with animal sacrifice, Not just the ugly ones.. Maybe a kitten or two. You readers know any religions like what i explained??? spell chek? YeA i have it but do i use it???? I do not.

��� ok Here�are my reasonings and i want�them justified by my religion. I believe women should vote but i do not think it should be counted. Also i think it should be counted but only in pretend so if they ask questions we have an aliby. I also do not like racists so i will spray paint them green so we can call them rude things� based on their new color...Eventualy i will find that to be racist and start dyeing people some new color..I dont like new foods so i want that to be a religous decision and less of a neurotic phobia. Then i would be full o morales n shit...I would also Like to be justified for disslikeing midgets, and maybe be allowed to skin/bury them...I have a +3 roll on midget stomping They are my races enemy....also i want to beieve in the force... But who doesnt....And maybe i need a few extra holidays but none of this gay someones birthday religous holiday shit.Maybe like a Happy Dhammer day...Or a all you can eat chocolate bunny day...Sure would be neat ...Fuckin neat as hell. Oh yea you guys know any religions like that ??? I was thinking hobbit but them i realized that was too close to midget ..So now i am thinking sith lord..... I have been a mandalorian for some time now.....

Any ideas??

Matt the leader of the zombies.Rest in piece bluenote I can only assume the person using your account now has commited suicide.

*Update** Yay bluenote i was convinced you got the aids. You sure were sad recently.Glad to see You are still a fixture here..In my pants... No hard feelings my overly judgemental judges. lol have fun ...

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