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Voting Republican

I'm voting Republican because the idea of spending American tax dollars for the benefit of 90% of the country's population is absurd.

I'm voting republican because women shouldn't have the right to make decisions about whether or not they want to have a child.

I'm voting Republican because we're fighting a meaningful war in Iraq and Afghanistan because if Israel were to be given back to the people it was initially stolen from it would be a blatant display of American inferiority and it may cause others to look at us as weak instead of incredibly the incredibly obtuse, easily manipulated, ass holes that Bush has proven us to be.

I'm voting Republican because I like our economy going down the shitter, and I want another president to be heralded as the best president of the past 50 years who can't even pronounce the word Keynesian, but still pretends to have all the answers about our economy.

I'm voting Republican because because I want Mc Cain to kick the bucket so that dumb
FunkFingerG Uploaded 09/27/2008
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