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Cheating Wife

A Man calls his home phone from work to talk to his wife.

"Hello?" A strange woman answers the phone.
"Who is this?"
"This is your maid" The woman replies.
"But we don't have a maid though!"
"I believe the lady of the house hired me this morning." The lady replied
"Okay well where is my wife?!?" the husband says.
"Well sir she is upstairs in bed with the man I thought was her husband." the maid answers,
"You wanna' make 50,000 dollars... Go up stairs and shoot my wife and the man she is sleeping with."
There is a long pause and in the distance the man can hear two gun shots echoing through the house. The maid comes back to the phone and says, "What should I do with the bodies?"
"Throw them in the pool I'll deal with them when I get home."
"But sir, you don't have a pool," The maid says.
The man looks at his phone for a minute after a pause he brings the phone to h
syldogg25 Uploaded 09/29/2008
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