For many of us games are a way to distract ourselves from real life, but sometimes our competitiveness follows us into the virtual world.

Rage is a very real thing that happens often in gaming, especially in online multiplayer. Over the years some heated moments of uncontrollable anger have been caught on tape, ranging from competitive blowouts to objects being destroyed.

Below are some of the best gamer rage videos on the internet.

1. Flash Flash Revolution Makes Guy Break His Monitor

TeRa: Maid of Fire is an extremely challenging song to complete in Flash Flash Revolution. This guy nearly completed it with a perfect score before cracking under pressure.

Instead of deciding to try again or take a break, his first impulse was to pick up his keyboard and smash it into his monitor. The result wasn't pretty. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

2. Classic Counter-Strike Rage

Published nearly 15 years ago before the age of YouTube, this rage video is one of the originals. It shows a player's hilarious reactions to being killed in competitive matches.

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The best part about it is what he says is what a lot of us think when we die in Counter-Strike. Seriously, where the hell did my bullet go?

3. Famous Onyxia Wipe Leads to DKP Minus

Although this video is based on audio, it's one of the most well-known rages in online gaming history.

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In the video, a raid leader in World of Warcraft can be heard trying to lead his team to a victory over Onyxia. It was a tough encounter at the time, and produced several memes that are commonly mentioned in the game to this day.

4. Gamer Slices Computer with Samurai Sword

Look, if you have a rage problem, you probably shouldn't keep a lethal weapon in your gaming room. This guy clearly didn't get the memo, and as a result his room took severe casualties once he wielded the blade.

RIP monitors.

5. Kid Rages into Tears

Some of us are more competitive than others, clearly. As seen in this video, a young Ukranian kid can be seen losing his emotions over losing in a Counter-Strike match.

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The entire blowup was caught on camera to forever be documented in history. I'm sure his kids will love watching the video once he gets older.

6. Korean Gamer Goes Super Saiyan

All I'm going to say is make sure your volume is low when watching this. Super Saiyan mode is serious business.

7. LAN Center Battle



Nine of the 10 videos on this list are rather tame in that nobody was injured. However, in this video two gamers brawl over Call of Duty.

Be careful who you talk smack to. Some gamers can be salty AF.

8. Office Worker Smashes Monitor with Keyboard

While he's unlikely to be playing a game (Minesweeper or Solitaire maybe?), this rage is one of the best in the history of the internet.

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Whatever happened to this guy must have been pretty bad because he transitioned from calm to ready to break everything in his wake within a matter of milliseconds. The end result is a video from 1997 that has taught us all that rage videos are hilarious.

9. Settlers of Catan Freakout by Francis

Yes, it's staged, but a good one. 

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Boogie 2988 a.k.a. Francis is a popular YouTuber who is considered king of gaming rage. In this particular video he's seen losing control over a game of Settlers of Catan. Haven't we all?

10. World of Warcraft Player Loses His Cool


For our finale we're going to look at a nice combo of rage and cringe. This World of Warcraft PvP player had a reputation for having thin skin, and demonstrated why during a major LAN tournament a few years back.

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He can be seen getting up from his chair and nearly breaking into tears as his team lost against a major opponent. Instead of handling it with class, he let loose on his teammates. GG.