A tweet from @cpoliticditto that has since been deleted went viral asking people to share what signs they thought were an indication of wealth growing up. The various responses go to show that something normal for one family might be a luxury for another and that we should never take what we have for granted. 

The ever-prolific people of AskReddit have also tackled this question, and between all parties involved, there seem to be some universal responses.

Water and Ice Dispensers in the Refrigerator Door:

While this answer is the inspiration for the tweet, it may be the most universally shared experience. Anyone who watched their parents eek extended life out of a 1980s refrigerator knows the wonder that was opening your friend's fully stocked modern fridge. Not needing to whip out the ice tray and turn on the tap every time you're thirsty is modern efficiency at its finest. 

A Glass Basketball Backboard:

This one is for all the ballers out there forced to practice on a portable plastic hoop, or a net-less metal double-rimmed park court. The feeling of stepping into a real gym and hearing the sound of the wood floor, glass backboard, and swish of the net is priceless.

Ordering What You Really Want at a Restaurant:

Going out to eat at a restaurant usually means eliminating half the menu, desserts, and drinks other than water. That is until you go out with your friend's family and watch them order the three-course steak dinner with a bottle of wine. 

Having More Than One Car:

"We can't go to the movies today, my mom took the car to work." It's a classic conundrum for a suburban teen. That is until your buddy on the other side of town offers up the BMW M5 given to them as a birthday present. 

Having Stairs:

Have you ever gone to someone's house for the first time and felt like you were stepping into a new world? Maybe it was because they has a tv in their kitchen or an extra car in the garage. Or it could have been something as simple as having stairs. 

Getting an Allowance:

Doesn't matter the amount. The step up from no money to money is huge. 

Having Your Birthday Party Somewhere:

Want your birthday at an arcade? Restaurant? Theme park? Those things cost money, let's keep it at home. 

Bringing Your Kid's Friend on Vacation:

It must be nice to go on regular vacations at all, let alone adding a plus one free of charge for them. But it's great to be the plus one!

Having Lunchables:

Lunchables were the apex of the snack kingdom, and houses that were stocked with them carried some serious clout.

Getting Your Favorite Toys and Games When They Came Out:

Watching your buddies play the brand new Call of Duty on their brand new Xbox 360 while waiting for sales was always tough. Throw in the Lego Death Star to boot, and Christmas could take on a whole new meaning. 

The vast majority of these things are not prohibitively expensive luxuries for many upper-middle-class families. Something like a golf outing is commonplace for people of a certain status. But the truth remains that such a hobby seems like a different world to someone born out of that community. 

Children notice these socioeconomic discrepancies and internalize them. Some may form opinions of value and self-worth from them. So the next time you complain to your son's friend that the flatscreen TV keeps flickering in and out of HD, just remember that even owning one might be his idea of peak luxury.