A classic viral video has proven it stands the test of time. “Scottish Mum Tells Girls Off for Not Flushing Toilet”, has turned ten years old. Despite a decade of TikTok, Fortnite, and quarantine frying our brains, this video stays strong. As fresh and funny as it was all those years ago…

The video starts with the wee Scottish girl about to sing “Cher Lloyd” by Cher Lloyd when the mom bursts in. The accusation is made, denial follows swiftly after, and that iconic word is uttered: “DISGUSTING”! It’s a fair bet that most people who have the internet are lying if they say they haven’t made an impression of this exact moment countless times.

But has the mystery of the Scottish shit been solved?  Evening Edinburgh News did some digging into this because there’s not that much to do in Scotland. The family is from Oxgangs, Scotland, and the mother’s name is Lizzie Brash, which is a perfect name for her. But most importantly, the culprit of the “DISTGUSTIN’ shit” has been revealed.  

A video was uncovered by Twitter user @grantjcn, uploaded by the little Scottish sister herself. The denier. She admits it was her, in a brief but damning, and hilariously Scottish quote, “It was me who done the shit!” Her eyes wide with maniacal satisfaction, she embodies the apparent thrill felt by being a sister-slaying, shit-taking Judas.

A fun sidenote: “Cher Lloyd” by Cher Lloyd, which the older sister says she’s going to sing, is a song that does not exist. There’s a pretty famous singer named Cher Lloyd, who placed on the seventh season of the X-Factor, but she doesn’t have a song by that name. The singer herself is a fan of the video, saying “It is literally gold. I absolutely love it every time it comes on.” She even says she’ll make an album with the name “Cher Lloyd”, in honor of the Scott tots.

As happy as the little sister looks in her admission video, we can all agree it doesn’t compare to the happiness felt when a ten-year mystery is solved. Especially a ten-year mystery you didn’t KNOW you needed solved. It’s so satisfying, it’s almost gross. Almost DISTGUSTIN’!.