Life pro tips with microwave.

Life is tough. Thankfully, we have life pro tips to make things a little easier.

You might have thought you know everything you need to about microwaves, staplers, and cars. But do you really? In this piece we're going to look at 15 features you probably don't know about everyday items you use. Consider this a gift.

1. Android - App Switch

2. Car - Key Remote Macros

3. Internet Browser - Open Last Closed Tab

4. Doggo - Usefulness

5. Dry Erase Marker - Permanent Maker Clean-Up

6. Hydrogen Peroxide - Blood Clean-Up

7. Microwave - Shut Up

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8. Oven -  Broil

9. PowerPoint - Audio, Video, And Screenshot Recording

10. Stapler - Mode #2

11. Toaster - Tray

12. Air Hostess - Panic Gauge

13. Voicemail - Woops Button

14. Word - Caps Corrector

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15. Ziplock - Airtight Seal

Have any to add? Let us know in the comments below.