r/agegap - boyfriend breast implants

According to its moderators, r/AgeGap “is the forum for anything involving relationships with a significant age gap.” Not surprisingly then, the subreddit is designed to “deal with all age difference related issues.”

One such issue recently made its way out of the 80,000-member forum and onto Twitter, where more than a million viewers felt like they might have seen enough internet for the day. “My (20F) boyfriend (47M) gave me breast implants and it’s kinda fucking my parents up,” the post says. “I mean, he is a plastic surgeon and he did them himself for my birthday.”

“Next-level ‘I can fix her’ energy here,” @matt_kneen joked.

While the OP claimed that she was “not posting this because it’s a dilemma or anything,” plenty of readers were disturbed by the long-term implications of the procedure, as well as possible medical malpractice. “I’m pretty sure you’re never supposed to do surgery on people you know,” jupiterLILY responded on Reddit. “A plastic surgeon I briefly dated felt the need to emphatically make sure I knew on our first date that he would absolutely not be giving me implants.”

The post was quickly deleted from Reddit as spam, since the account had only been active for an hour before posting the story. Therefore, the whole scenario is almost certainly false, or even worse, the fantasy of one 47-year-old man. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of the subreddit.