Taylor Swift has so many fans that she could seemingly invade and conquer most middle-tier countries. Since Taylor Swift’s “ERAS Tour” kicked off back in March, some thrifty Swifties scorned by Ticketmaster’s wrath (and exorbitant fees) have found a way to hear their favorite artist’s live set without shelling out thousands of dollars – Tailgating the singer’s tour stops.

Over the weekend, Swift completed her three-night residency at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she was greeted not only by three respectively sold-out crowds but also thousands of fans hanging out in the stadium’s parking lot, attempting to hear some of the singer’s sold-out show.

@taylorstetzar The parking lot Swifties did NOT disappoint! Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour | Philadelphia Night 3 #taylorswift #erastour #midnights ♬ original sound - Taylor Stetzar

“When Taylor Swift cannot [sic] fit all of Philly in her stadium so all of Philly comes to listen,” TikTok creator Erica Carosella captioned her video of the thousand-person crowd singing along to Swift’s 2012 single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

“Literally a concert outside the concert,” she quipped at one point during her now-viral clip, one of several depicting the “Anti-Hero” songstress’ adoring fans.

@erica_carosella Grease the poles #philly #philadelphia #tswift #erastour #foryou #taylorswift ♬ original sound - erica carosella

Despite its apparent absurdity –  spending Saturday night hanging out in a parking lot is a very Hank Hill-ian way to pass the time  – Taylor-gating was actually a fairly sensible compromise to fans looking to experience part of the show according to Daniela Mello, who hit the parking lot with her fiancé during the artist’s performance on Saturday, May 13.  

“I mean, they were all crazy ideas,” Mello recalled to the Washington Post about several highly-dubious strategies fans were contemplating on social media, one being confidently walking into the stadium holding a ladder.

@carliecam the stadium is literally overflowing we love you so much #erastourrnashville #erastour #taylorswift #nashvilletstheerastour #swiftie @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation ♬ original sound - carlie

“But the thing is, one comment that caught my attention the most was like, ‘That is actually way more realistic than actually getting tickets,’” she continued, referencing the act, one that has cropped up in other cities where Swift has struck.

Sorry, Juggalos – Swifties are coming for your gathering gig.