Bad news for rule 34 enthusiasts – your trove of weird Simpsons-themed pornography can and will land you behind bars.

Graham Moon, 23 a University of Sunderland student, is reportedly heading to court over a series of pornographic cartoon images he had on his phone, which allegedly depicted Bart Simpson being sexually abused by his mother, Marge Simpson.

Pleading guilty to possessing 49 “prohibited images of children, between February 19, 2019, and August 4, 2020,” according to Sunderland Echo, a news outlet serving the city of Sunderland in northeast England, Moon initially faced three years behind bars and a spot on the sex offender registry for his possession of the drawings. He was ultimately slapped with a “12-month community order,” consisting of “20 days of rehabilitative work.”

Though the story has largely remained contained to local news outlets, word of Moon’s alleged Simpsons-themed legal woes quickly spread throughout Twitter.

“Imagine this following you around for your entire life. First link on Google,” mused @brickroad7 in a reply to Sunderland Global Media’s viral post on the topic.

Meanwhile, others began questioning whether the series’ creator, Matt Groening, will face a similar punishment for including a drawing of Bart’s penis in a scene in the 2007, The Simpsons Movie.

“A warrant has been issued for Matt Groening's arrest for this scene from the Simpsons movie,” joked @FauxFauxleyalongside a screengrab of the offending scene.

So take it from Moon: Don’t be fucking weird, and if you can’t help it, don’t get caught.