Mercy from Overwatch is one hot video game babe.

For as long as there have been video games there have been hot female characters. Though, as graphics technology has improved these hotties have been brought to life in a way that has made us question what is real.

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We appreciate a good looking gaming character, and in this feature you'll find 25 of the hottest female video game characters ever designed. Note that these are in alphabetical order.

1. Angel

Angel King of Fighters.

Series: King of Fighters

Random Fact:Angel was created based on the primary art designer's "personal preferences".

With superhuman strength and a love for Muay Thai, Angel isn't the kind of girl you want to make angry. Although she can be violent and menacing when tested, she's often lighthearted and even flirtatious with cat-like mannerisms.

2. Anna Williams

Series: Tekken

Random Fact: Her name is derived from Hebrew, meaning "grace, gracious".

Donning beautiful silk dresses and perfectly maintained bangs, Anna Williams is a crowd-favorite of Tekken fans. As defined in the story, her favorite thing to do is travel, so if you plan to court her make sure it involves a plane ticket.

3. Aya Brea

Series: Parasite Eve

Random Fact: She once earned second place in a handgun shooting contest.

Parasite Eve was a fantastic RPG on the original PlayStation, and Aya Brea was part of what made it great. She's a laid-back kind of girl with a mitochondrial mutation that allows her to set people on fire and telepathically kill anyone she doesn't like. In other words, the worst wife ever.

4. Bayonetta

Series: Bayonetta

Random Fact: If you look closely on her watch you'll see the numbers '14111219', which corresponds to her birthdate of December 19th, 1411.

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With the confidence and posture of a Victoria's Secret supermodel, Bayonetta quickly became a gamer favorite when introduced in 2009. Her ability to shapeshift, slash enemies to bits, and shoot akimbo pistols without missing makes her beautiful to watch in motion.

5. Catherine

Series: Catherine

Random Fact: She loves biting, and is afraid of ants.

Catherine is the titular character of the game by the same name. As gorgeous as she may appear, Catherine was a psychotic game with one of the weirdest stories of any game on the PlayStation 3.

6. Chloe Frazer

Series: Uncharted

Random Fact: She is so good at driving she could probably be a professional race car driver.

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As you might notice from the above picture, Chloe is best known for her rear end. It was one of the best things about Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and was probably part of why it got such good review scores. 

7. Chun Li

Series: Street Fighter

Random Fact: Chun-Li has been a fan of Bruce Lee since she was five.

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Chun Li's thighs are the eighth wonder of the world, capable of breaking open coconuts and kicking holes through brick walls. She's been considered one of the hottest girls in gaming since the early 90's when she made her public debut in Street Fighter 2, and for good reason.

8. Felicia

Series: Darkstalkers

Random Fact: She was the first barefoot female fighter in any video game.

Although Catwoman from the Batman franchise is probably the first catgirl you can think of, you definitely don't want to forget about Felicia. Her dancing skills and positive energy make her the kind of girl you'd want to take out for a nice dinner before heading back home for some milk.

9. Fran

Series: Final Fantasy

Random Fact: She is the tallest playable female character in the Final Fantasy series.

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Standing at 6'2" with a slender physique and dark skin complexion, Fran is one of the most exotic Final Fantasy characters. As great as she looks, it was her voice actor that brought her to life (Nicole Fantl). Alongside Balthier, she played a big part in making the boring story of Final Fantasy XII somewhat interesting.

10. Goddess Etain

Series: Shaiya

Random Fact: She's derived from the Celtic Goddess of the same name.

Out of all the characters on this list, this is likely the one you haven't heard of. That's probably because Shaiya was a rather unpopular game. Her name translates to "The Shining One", and boy does she shine with a look like that.

11. Helena Douglas

Series: Dead or Alive

Random Fact: She is an opera singer.

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Dead or Alive has a lot of hot characters, and Helena is definitely top shelf. If I had to guess, I'd say that at least half of the copies sold in the series are specifically because of the sexy characters designs. Not that that's a bad thing.

12. Jill Valentine

Series: Resident Evil

Random Fact: She shares the same initials as her original face model, Julia Voth.

Jill Valentine was one of the original hot 3D characters in gaming. Back in 1996 when Resident Evil released live action cutscenes and 3D graphics were still a new thing, and Jill's only competition was Lara Croft. Capable of surviving a virus outbreak, she helped pioneer the strong independent female lead for the industry.

13. Juliet Starling

Series: Lollipop Chainsaw

Random Fact: She killed her first zombie when she was six months old using a rattle toy.

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Wearing a cheerleader uniform while running around with a chainsaw, Juliet is far from ordinary. Her character design was a big part of what drew people to what was considered a rather unspectacular game. And really, there's nothing wrong with that.

14. Kasumi

Series: Dead or Alive

Random Fact: Her favorite color is cherry blossom pink.

Kasumi is the kind of girl who walks around in a bikini when it's raining outside. Photos of her easily bring traffic to any article using her as a header image. Consider her a journalism cheat code.

15. Lara Croft

Series: Tomb Raider

Random Fact: Feminist groups hate her more than anything in the world.

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Commonly regarded as the original hottie, Lara is an icon in the video game industry. She's been the face of the franchise since 1996, and has starred in a full feature film that made over 94 million USD. She's a strong female lead that, although commonly regarded as a sex symbol, played a huge part in the early progression of the action adventure genre.

16. Lightning

Series: Final Fantasy

Random Fact: She was the first female lead in the main franchise since Final Fantasy VI's Terra

Lightning is a lot like Lara Croft despite having a different appearance. She's confident in herself and her beliefs stars in a major AAA gaming franchise and loves kicking teeth in. She's become a popular object of cosplay in recent years and most guys have no problem with that.

17. Mercy

Series: Overwatch

Random Fact: She is a Swiss field medic.

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Mercy is the latest beauty to join the revered list of hot video game characters. Featured in Overwatch as a popular healer, her skillset allows her to glide around the battlefield while toggling between keeping teammates alive and peppering enemies with bullets.

18. Miranda Lawson

Series: Mass Effect

Random Fact: Early concepts defined her as a blonde.

Miranda was the most popular love interest among Mass Effect players who enjoyed engaging in virtual romance. Her confident demeanor and skin-tight suit are big reasons for that.

19. Morrigan Aensland

Series: Darkstalkers

Random Fact: She is named after the Celtic crow goddess.

With a butt like that, there was no way Morrigan wasn't going to be on this list.

20. Nova Terra

Series: StarCraft

Random Fact: Her voice actress (Grey Delisle) also voiced Daphne Blake in Scooby-Doo and Jeanne in Bayonetta.

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Nova is a sharpshooter with telepathic abilities. Alongside Kerrigan she's remained one of the featured female leads in StarCraft.

21. Poison

Series: Street Fighter

Random Fact: Poison and C. Viper are the only playable female characters in Street Fighter that originate from the United States.

With bright purple hair and next to no clothing, Poison might not appear to be a threat, but don't let that fool you. She's a master in acrobatics that is so agile she drives her enemies insane.

22. Samus Aran

Series: Metroid

Random Fact: She was influenced by Sigourney Weaver in Alien.

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Beneath that thick golden space armor is one of the greatest beauties in gaming. When seen in her zero suit, Samus is eye candy unlike anything else in Nintendo's roster.

23. Sophita

Series: Soulcalibur

Random Fact: She has become increasingly more naked with each new Soulcaliber release.

Sophita is the kind of girl who will be the one to squish any spiders in your house, except instead of using a paper towel, she'd likely use her sword. Hailing from Athens, she has the appearance of a Greek goddess, just the sort of thing guys are into.

24. Tifa Lockhart

Series: Final Fantasy

Random Fact: She was the first playable monk in the series.

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With Aerith dying at the end of the first CD, Tifa was an easy second love interest among Final Fantasy VII fans. Although shy, she is incredibly strong, relying on her fists to deal damage to foes, and her bust size to earn accolades.

25. Yennefer

Series: The Witcher

Random Fact: She used to have a hunchback.

Although The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was steaming with attractive love interests, Yennefer was the cream of the crop. She was precise with her language, classy, and like other sorceresses was unable to bear children. If you look closely enough she kind of looks like a female Jon Snow. Good luck with unseeing that. She's also super hot in the Netflix version of The Witcher.