Haunting image of a baby staring into the camera.

We all pretend to be brave when we hear those sounds bumping in the night. We turn on our lights or hide under our covers until the monsters have left our minds. But deep down we want to see the monster crawl out from beneath ur beds or out from closets. We long for darkness. So here are 5 photos that will give you those chills that you truly desire. 

5. Shell Shocked Soldier

shell shocked world war II soldier - most haunting photos ever taken

A soldier crouching in a trench during WWI grinning with the smile of a man whose mind has seen horrible and unspeakable things. His eyes bright with fire, looking at his fellow men the way a lion looks at its prey. Oh, the scars of war and the toll death takes on our minds captured so perfectly it leaves its mark on us as well. 

4. The Bombing of Dresden

creepy pics - the bombing of Dresden - photos taken after disaster

The British and American allied forces dropped nearly 4,000 tons of explosives on the German city during multiple raids towards the end of WWII. The bombing took place for a few reasons, the first being it was a part of Nazi Germany and secondly as a show of force to Russia in order to keep them inline. It's estimated that 25,000 people died during the raids including thousands of women and children. 

3. Lonely Desk 

the lonely desk - a creepy desk sitting alone in a room

Now this image is a bit of a mystery. Nothing is known about where it was taken or even why it was taken. A concrete desk held up by brick legs with a single wooden chair in what appears to be a basement or dungeon. The only clue we have is the deck of cards and a wore down table top that leads one to believe many games of solitaire we played alone wherever this picture was taken. Sometimes less information can really get the mind going. 

3. Bone Cancer Skull

creepy pics - a skull with bone cacner

Cancer is hell, no other way to cut it, but imagine having bone cancer, in your head. The agony of your skull growing through your skin, protruding from your forehead and into your eyes. The pain of cancer is already great but the pain of having your skull grow while your still alive must be a living hell. 

2.  Chernobyl 'Elephant Foot'

Chernobyl - the elephants foot picture

This image is the actual melted core of the power plants reactor. The core contains extreme levels of radiation and is fatal within only a few minutes of exposure. Immediately after the meltdown, the core would have poisoned your body within minutes and at the point, that this photo was taken it must have been safer to approach, but without a doubt, this photographer suffered the rest of his life from his short exposure. 

1. Home

Creepy picture - child born in a concentration camp draws what she thinks of when she hears the word

A young girl who grew up in a concentration camp during WWII was asked to draw a picture of "home" while living in a school for disturbed children in 1948. The look on her face is terrifying enough but the scars of her past are unimaginable to most people. A truly haunting picture that will stick with you long after you've seen it.