Aunt Millie already talking about her future ex-husband? Mom crying in the kitchen? Sneak into the living room, crack open a beer, and turn on one of these bad boys.

5. Addams Family Values

As we all know, Wednesday Addams doesn't take sh*t from anyone. Perfect for Thanksgiving with the family.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sad because Halloween is over, but not ready to slip deeper into the holiday depression? We've got the perfect film for you!

3. The Blind Side

Turkey, booze, and football. That's the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It's science.

2. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Here at eBaum's World we love living in the past. So we have nothing but respect for this classic. Also do we think Charlie Brown has gotten with the red-haired girl yet? It's been years now.

1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

We lost John Candy way too early, that's clear. But the comedic chemistry between Candy and Steve Martin in this flick is just off the charts. And with all due respect to Charles Schulz, Planes easily earns the title of number one Thanksgiving movie.