After more than 2,000 years of serving as Greece's primary antagonists, the Persians have finally met their match — 79 arsonists accused of setting the island nation ablaze.

"You are committing a crime against the country," Vassilis Kikilias, who serves as Greece’s Civil Protection Minister, said of the "arsonist scum” that set the fires ravaging the nation's mainland. He added that several others have attempted to light new blazes in recent days.

"You will not get away with it, we will find you, you will be held accountable,” he warned, per the New York Times.  

As of Friday, the fires have claimed 21 lives, many of which are speculated to be immigrants. The physical damage of the fire remains unclear.

We can only hope the nation gets these fires under control  — both for the sake of the Grecian people and our Mamma Mia! fantasies.