An elderly Florida woman (93 to be exact) was facing eviction from the senior housing community she lived in. Police were called after the woman identified as Juanita Fitzgerald refused to leave the National Church Residences' Franklin House, according to the facility.

Police bodycam footage of the arrest shows the woman screaming and resisting as police attempted to remove her. The police report stated that Fitzgerald told the officers "unless you carry me out of here, I'm not going anywhere".

In the shocking  footage she is seen crying and screaming "ow, you're hurting me" several times during the incident, and later appeared to have a large bruise on her forearm.

Eventually, the five-foot tall, 100-pound woman was placed into the back seat of a police car and taken to Lake County Jail. She was charged with trespassing.

The Franklin House staff offered to help her move, but Fitzgerald declined. She has allegedly refused assistance from the Department of Children and Families, The Homeless Coalition, Department of Elder Affairs and eight other agencies, officers said.

Sporting an orange jumpsuit, Fitzgerald told reporters that she has lived in the facility since 2011 and did not understand why she was being evicted.

A spokeswoman for the Franklin House said that Fitzgerald was evicted “based on her refusal to pay rent” and that they had been trying to work with Fitzgerald “for months” to “get her to agree to get more help so she could live in a situation that was more suitable.”

Fitzgerald has two children, a 76-year-old son and a 70-year-old daughter who live in Tennessee. She has been in contact with her daughter but they both have their own health problems and she doesn’t want to get them involved. “I’m tired,” Fitzgerald said. “But God takes care of me.”