Rainbow Road is real and dangerous.

Officials in China have decided to take a new, kandi-kid-inspired approach to prevent drivers from dozing behind the wheel, projecting a series of nearly blinding lasers above the road on the Qingdao–Yinchuan Expressway.

Though the jury is still out on whether this laser show can effectively keep drivers awake without sending the epileptics of Northern China into an episode, it’s already proven to have some adverse effects — namely, prompting a whole lot of Twitter users to want to enjoy a buzz while driving through the pretty lights.

“So are they gonna pull me over if I tell them I thought it was Rainbow Road? Because I’m gonna win,” asked @yamsnmac.

“A few highway beers in and this would go hard,” added @arctanno while @MarkLCowden speculated on the future of the expressway.

“Wonderful, now the roads full of people tripping on shrooms and listening to Floyd,” they wrote.

China’s Rainbow Road: For when you want to be awake and definitely not rolling.