TikTok storytimes have gotten weird. Alexis Emerson, @ahecksis2 on TikTok, recently dropped one of the most deranged storytimes the app has ever seen, detailing the time she learned her classmates were eating mice as a form of “bond[ing].”

Emerson posted on TikTok a storytime about a girl she met while she was a freshman at George Washington University in 2018. She talks about going to the pet store with said friend to grab mice for what Emerson perceived to be the girl’s pet snake. Why else would you make multiple trips to Petco to buy mice?

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Well, when Emerson was later hanging out with said friend in their dorms, she asked to see her pet snake. Which is when things got weird.

Her friend and her three roommates  allegedly admitted to “getting together for a ‘roommate bonding night’ where they would eat mice together.”

“But they were really trying to downplay it and they were acting like it was not a big deal at all,” recounts Emerson. “I was honestly so scared of them that I just acted like nothing happened  and I didn't tell anyone for like 2 years.”

The video which has over a million views and 200k likes, garnered great reactions from the internet like “missed opportunity to permanently join a coven” and “when your friend is actually three snakes in a trench coat.”

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Apparently, the lore of the mice-eating roommate coven is much more expansive. In another video, Emerson expands on the numerous rumors about this group of girls at George Washington University going from them cursing an ex-boyfriend with a dorm-wide bug infestation to them being in a polycule to them putting their period blood in joints. (Nice!)

While this feels too good (or insane) to actually be true, @lealearambles stitched Emerson’s video recounting her own story of meeting a group of roommates who also ate mice at college. (What!?) The girls “sat together in a circle” and ate “barely thawed out mice” from the pet store.

@ahecksis2 RESPONSE TO THIS VIDEO: @Lea Yes they were the same people. If anyone else has experienced this please come forward #onlyatGW ♬ original sound - alexis

Turns out. It was the same group of GWU girlies.

“I am so relieved that it was the same people. I don’t know if I could mentally take it if it was a different group of raw mice-eating roommates,” commented one user.

These girls, wherever they are now, have fully freaked out TikTok with their mice-eating past, an event which will forever be remembered as “those women who ate mice.”