As one wise Twitter user once wrote, “november sucks. cant shave cant nut and you have to write 50k word novel.” Some people felt that wasn’t enough asceticism, however, and have now introduced another November No-No: Nickelback.

No Nickelback November” is what it sounds like: a movement in which participants aren’t allowed to listen to Canadian rock band Nickelback during the month of November. According to Know Your Meme, the earliest example of the trend is a TikTok video from November 2022, but it really kicked off this year, with users across TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter joining in on the less-challenging alternative to No Nut November, or “NNN.”

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No Nickelback November

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One aspect of the trend is incredibly reminiscent of “The Game,” as in “You just lost” — users are posting videos about No Nickelback November soundtracked by Nickelback, which causes everyone who watches them to fail No Nickelback November as a result. Hey, at least now you’ve failed, you can listen to Nickelback for the rest of the month guilt-free!

The trend also highlights just how eternal Nickelback is. Not only have they given us countless hits, but they continue to serve as excellent meme fodder two decades after their heyday. What a legacy.

No word on whether Nickelback themselves have heard of No Nickelback November, but considering the band has been able to find humor in previous memes about their work, particularly the “look at this graph” vine, they’ll probably find this trend funny, too, even if it means their Spotify streams are down come December.