A recent day in the woods almost took a turn for the grisly turn after a pair of bears stalked two hikers down a forest trail.

“Hello, bear, it’s coming right at us,” commenced the clip recently shared to bear clip compilation page @bearenthusiast420 (nice).

Evidently swayed by their kind greeting, the bears decided to get even closer to the outdoors people, up close and personal with the hikers, a gesture they were evidently less-than-thrilled about.

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“Get off the trail,” he said, seemingly addressing the bear wandering throughout the summer foliage. “Get off the trail, go to the left side of the trail”

Though fortunately, the hikers’ bear encounter managed to avoid devolving into pandemonium, their close call struck a chord of terror  — and amusement — among the clip’s commenters.

“He just wanted to hang out with you guys,” wrote kinglinda7.

“This gives me so much anxiety I can barely watch,” mused @magpie1930. “No hiking for me.”

To paraphrase @spiderlady, this is why we stay the heck out of the woods.