One football fan took it upon themselves to disprove the notion that drinking alcohol is just pissing money down the drain … instead, pissing on the walls of Reser Stadium and impressing everyone with his powerful stream.

The fan, who could not be bothered to miss a mere moment of action during the Oregon State Beavers’ game against the Washington Huskies on Saturday,  decided to act on all of our intrusive sports game thoughts, unloading a pregame, mid-game and possibly post-games worth of piss onto a metal support beam.

“What the f—k is happening right now?” one passerby could be heard saying as the man let it rip, steam arising from his strong stream.

“Are you f—king serious?” asked another as a few drops splashed on unwitting fans in the vicinity of his bathroom meltdown.

Though what happened to the pissing icon remains unclear, one thing is certain — the same can most definitely not be said of his pee.