Meet Eileen Gu. Eileen is a Chinese-American skier currently representing Team China at the Beijing Olympics. She also happens to be a Victoria's Secret model. If you haven't heard of her, we've got you covered. To quote the pop sensation boy band LFO, "I fell for the girl that's on TV."

She's faced some backlash for representing China instead of the U.S. in the Olympics, but honestly who cares? Gu's resume includes 2 gold medals in both halfpipe and slopestyle at the 2021 Winter X Games. She is also represented by IMG Models Worldwide and has appeared on the covers of both Elle and Vogue China magazines. I think she's allowed represent whatever country she wants.

In 2020 Gu was named to the Forbes China '30 under 30.' At the time she was the youngest person on the list. She also carries an MBA from Stanford University.

She's already accomplished more than I ever will in this lifetime. And that's okay. She's an incredible competitor and an absolute smoke-show. Check out her instagram while I pull myself together, because I'm beyond flustered at this point.