After Rachael Buck discovered her husband’s five-hour secret trip to a Las Vegas strip club, she took to TikTok to vent her frustrations. First posting a ring camera video throwing his clothes off of their balcony, she followed up with three emotional videos of her spilling the tea on his affair; all featuring an iconic Betty White photo in the background. Those videos struck a nerve, and now people are harassing her husband, his place of work, and her family.

“Please, please, my life has been torn upside down,” Rachael pleads. “You’re just going to make everything worse.” According to her videos, the situation began after the couple took a romantic trip to Utah for their anniversary. “I thought my life was great. I thought everything was fine,” she says. But as Rachael flew home, he joined his work buddies for a night out in Vegas, where they attended a strip club. But after all of his co-workers had gone home for the night, he stayed another five hours and made a trip to a VIP backroom. Fuck around and find out #cheater #lasvegas #prayyoucatchme ♬ labour - Paris Paloma

♬ original sound - Rachael Buck

“I wasn’t ready to leave,” and “I wanted someone to talk to,” were apparently his excuses. Replying to @thereadinghoneybee ♬ original sound - Rachael Buck

“I have nothing against strip clubs,” Rachael says. "I have something against going to a strip club, alone, In Vegas, while hiding it from your wife.” She goes on to describe that he believes he was drugged and remembers nothing. However, he also refuses to take a drug and STI test or look into what really happened that night. “Stop lying to me,” she says. “I’m a human lie detector. I’m too traumatized. I know.” Replying to ♬ original sound - Rachael Buck

In less than two days, Rachael’s videos have gone viral and racked up millions of views. Despite the harassment her husband is facing, she claims he has asked her not to delete the videos. Rachael also reveals that she is a stay-at-home mother, and currently relies on her husband for income. “There are other ways to support me,” she says. “And cutting off my financial stability is not it.”