Everyone, say hi to Loab, the AI-generated person haunting our dreams. Loab is the brain-child of digital artist, Supercomposite, who has been dubbed the "first AI-generated cryptid" by the internet.

AI-generated art is still fairly new, but that isn't stopping people from using it to bring their twisted fantasies to life. In layman's terms, what Supercomposite did was give the computer a "negative weight prompt", which tells the computer to render an image that is the complete opposite of whatever word you'd enter.

In this case, Supercomposite entered "Brando::-1". And the result was a somewhat generic brand logo with the text 'DIGITA PNTICS' overlaying a black skyline.

So again Supercomposite doubled down on the negative weight prompt. This time using the image the computer already created, "DIGITA PNTICS skyline logo::-1". That's where things got weird.

And this is the face the computer spat out. 

And that's how Loab was born. Though the experiment continued when Supercomposite combined Loab and a friend's image.

Here is the nightmare that resulted.

No matter how far away Supercomposite tried to get from Loab's original photo, she would always return somewhere down the line. Loab even began to mimic natural hereditary patterns, like how red hair skips a generation. Using different prompts, Supercomposite would tear Loab apart and put her back together again.

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