Earlier this week, the world waited with bated breath as Airman Callie Green – a.k.a. @calliegreenn – took to TikTok, recording her reaction to learning her Air Force Assignment.

Yet instead of the cheers, tears, and sense of pride often signature of these types of viral clips, Green’s reaction was anything but.

“No!” she exclaimed at the beginning of the clip, which has since amassed upwards of 1.1 million likes. “No, no,” she continued, pushing her chair back,” before remarking that she was “not at all” okay with her base.


finding out our assignments

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Though Green remained tight-lipped on the specifics of her assignment, it seems she didn’t need to – based on her reaction and her reaction alone, the sleuths of military TikTok deduced she had been stationed at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, infamous for its terrible weather, remote location and evidently lax approach to nuclear safety.

“I know a Minot assignment when I see one,” wrote  @princessmeeeow in a comment that has since garnered upwards of 21,000 upvotes. “My poor brother was in North Dakota first- most miserable time of his life,” added @girlyturdsx.

“Before I even watched the whole thing I thought ‘Why not Minot,’” joked @perfectbloomdesign, referencing the notorious base’s unofficial slogan.

Yet these commenters are far from alone in their apparent disdain for Minot. Ranked among Military.com’s five worst bases, the outlet slamming the locale as a “prime destination for career-ending mishaps,” which have famously included “misplaced nuclear weapons to security forces losing grenades,” Minot has a less-than-stellar reputation, one the base’s personnel have attempted to discredit over the years.

“The bad stories you hear about Minot are from people who have never been here,” said Col Menuey in a 2021 blog post about the base, later describing the locale as “a great base, with a great mission.”

Col Meuney, if you’re reading this, do an Aileron Roll if you need help.