A week after Twitter duked it out over which mobster movie great – Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino – “was hotter” in their ‘70s heyday, the social media feud between these legendary stars has only heated up. Up next? Battle of the (near) octogenarian DILFS.

On Wednesday, May 31, mere weeks after DeNiro, 79, announced he had welcomed his seventh child, Pacino, 82, proved that he definitely has that old man rizz, his rep confirming to People that he and his 29-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah are expecting their first child together.

“Pacino would be 101, God willing, when the child turns 18,” TMZ, who originally broke the story, wrote of The Godfather alum.

Shortly after taking over the tabloids, the news spread to Twitter, where both the couple’s age gap, new parenting endeavors, and of course, similarities to DeNiro, set the platform ablaze.

“His daughter is older than his girlfriend,” mused @MeltedShine referencing Julie Pacino, the actor’s 33-year-old daughter.

“Not him competing with Robert De Niro, he took the debate too serious,” joked @notgwendalupe.

“Is Robert Duvall, Robert Redford, or Jack Nicholson going to pop up with a new baby next?” quipped @Britta319.

Regardless of which older celeb is next to announce a pregnancy, one thing is certain – that kid’s high school graduation is going to be crazy.