It’s not every day we get an inside look at the CIA, but thanks to Redditor and alleged agent, Ron Palancik, we get a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the agency’s shortcomings. According to Palancik, the Central Intelligence Agency losing its way and losing sight of its original mission - “Observe, analyze, coordinate” - is one of the worst things the CIA has ever done. (Besides the coups and assassinations of course.)

It’s pretty clear what their original purpose was, as it’s right there in the name, “Central” meaning they’re the source of “Intelligence” to be shared with other agencies such as the FBI, military, etc.

According to Palancik, none of that communication ever happened. “What happened was that every new government entity declared its own fiefdom and refused to share information with others, for security reasons. Further, the CIA decided that it wasn't content to just observe happenings around the world; it decided it could and should intervene.”

This became huge post 9/11, as Americans wondered why agencies weren’t sharing information or communicating with each other. Enter the Department of Homeland Security, whose purpose was to finally help these entities share important information. Something that they never accomplished.

So the ‘Director of National Intelligence’ was created, which according to Palancik, was specifically responsible for inter-agency communications, became their own bureaucracy had refused to share information.

One Redditor shared their brilliant idea on how to fix this mess. User, Babou13 suggested, “You know what needs to be done then... The US needs to create a department to help the different intelligence agencies share information amongst themselves. No idea what could go wrong.”

Ahhh there it is. Why didn’t anybody think of that before? Oh, wait.