The Island Boys, a heavily tatted and lightly talented rap duo, who went viral for a hot tub freestyle in October of 2021, found themselves at the center of conspiracy circles this past week when an alleged photo of them and Jeffrey Epstein went viral. 

The wild conspiracy theory suggested that the duo was part of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation as children and that the ‘island’ in their name is derived from Epstein’s infamous Epstein Island.

Multiple conspiracy theory accounts alleged that the two children in the photo were the Island Boys and that they were either victim of Epstein’s sex trafficking or that they were secretly Epstein’s biological sons.

However, the Island Boys themselves quickly denounced the rumors, claiming that their father was already dead, and that as Cuban Americans the island in question is Cuba.

After some investigation, the internet discovered the real origin of the image, and the conspiracy theory was well and truly debunked. It turns out that the “photo” isn’t real at all, but is instead an AI-generated image from the since-deleted Instagram page @aiartisking.

There are few figures more steeped in the conspiracy than Jeffrey Epstein, and this time a couple of Island Boys were caught in the crossfire. For the future, let’s hope they stay in their hot tub, and out of the Epstein Temple.