A group of Marines recently proved that their motto should be changed from “always faithful” to “always fistful” after landing themselves at the center of a Texas street fight.

Though it’s unclear what exactly sparked the brawl, which went down in front of what appears to be Austin’s Voodoo Room, whatever sparked the ordeal was apparently that serious, prompting roughly a dozen servicemen to hold back a few other angry patrons as they continued to quarrel.

Despite their Marine-y tactics and scary-looking uniforms, their opponents, however, weren’t afraid, opting to throw a punch at one of the servicemen, transforming the confrontation into an all-out street brawl.

After several moments of going at it, one Marine even slamming a man down on the pavement, another group of officials decided to get in on the action — a group of what appeared to be cowboy-hat-clad Texas rangers, who brought the brawl to a screeching halt.

Moral of the story? Don’t mess with Texas … or a group of Marines.