@cowturtle, otherwise known around TikTok as “The Eel Guy,” turned his entire basement into an Eel pit. His content walks through the entire process of constructing the underground eel pit and gives updates on how his collection of creatures have adjusted to their new home.

The pit is accessible through a manhole that leads down to a dark concrete basement that he has filled with water and cinder block stepping stones. Despite the terrifying vibes of the eel pit, the content is extremely wholesome and each video starts with a gentle “Hey everybody” as a greeting.

A first look at the Eel Pit, after @cowturtle moved in, shows the bare bones of his soon-to-be habitable eel home.

@cowturtle My new house comes with a future eel pond! #aquariums #fishtanks #fish #fishtok ♬ original sound - cowturtle

Cowturtle’s eel pit is even large enough for him to snorkel in which he does on occasion with his large group of fish friends that includes, of course, his eels, catfish, blue crabs, spotted gar, and sturgeons.

He introduces his audience to each of his eel which he has all given fun names including, “Eelie Dan,” “Mentally Eel,” “Crunchwrap Supreme,” “Eugene,” and “Meelanie.”

@cowturtle Snorkeling at night in the eel pit! #aquariums #fishtanks #eelpit #sturgeon #aquariumfish #rarefish #tropicalfish #exoticfish ♬ original sound - cowturtle

Some viewers are amazed at how he remembers each eel and their corresponding name.  

@winterra_art explains how he does it, saying, “1) for people wondering how he recognizes the eels. Humans categorize the unknown in groups like ‘eel’ but when you get familiar with a group you start to see them as ‘individuals’ people also do this with other groups or nationalities of people that they’re not familiar with.”

And as with most celebrities on TikTok, people have begun to form parasocial relationships with the eels.

“Is bathtub still alive? Haven't heard from him in ages” @funningit3 asks in the comments. A question which @hoebi-wan.kenobi reiterates with “I know it’s been so long, where is my boy.”

Of all the eels in the eel pit, Crunchwrap Supreme appears to be a fan favorite as numerous comments call them out by name. “Team Crunchwrap” @scottrandom comments. “Glad to see the Cruchwrap update again!!” @mike_dietch seconds.

@cowturtle Eel pit! Mentally Eel is becoming more comfortable. I’m trying not to let Caviar and Roe steal the show. #eelpit #eeltok #sturgeon #aquariums #fishtanks #fish #fishing #reeftank ♬ original sound - cowturtle

Cowturtle’s 1.2 million followers are dedicated to staying up to date with the eels, even going so far as to say, “Eel pit videos are what keep me going.”

However, beyond having favorites, or coming back for updates on their favorite fish, many people are simply here for the good vibes, as @gen.l.1 says, “This is such a safe and comforting account. I would stay hours watching the fish in the pit.”