Back in April, we claimed it was time to "divest from the breast", citing the rise of OnlyFans accounts, a reaction to millions of people loosing their job because of the pandemic. We claimed the "nudes market" had been over saturated with low quality posts being sold at inflated rates, and well, our predictions turned out to be true. 

Big names started to cash in on OnlyFans, among them former Disney star Bella Thorne, who caused such a sh*tstorm when she started her account. She didn't actually post fully nude images, leading people en masse to request refunds from OnlyFans, which then led to a policy change around how many transactions can be proceeded at a time. 

And currently, Bella Thorne, a multi-millionaire, has an Amazon wish list in her OnlyFans bio, where you can buy her a three-thousand dollar tripod, a nine-thousand dollar set of lenses, and a number of other very pricy camera gadgets. 

But this is not about Bella Throne, no is about OnlyFans, and wether it's worth spending $5.99 a month to get spam videos of some 19-year-old spreading her a** checks an uncomfortably far distant apart.

It all started with a message, after I published my OnlyFans warning back in April. I was touched someone reached out, someone female anyways. Usually it feels like I'm yelling into a vacuum around here, so I obliged. For $3 it would be rude not to. So I did.

And a few days later, I got a notification, the price had just gone up. 

Nice! I'm already having fun! I wasn't shocked, as I knew simply singing up was the con, but I was a bit peeved to say the least. If it had stopped there, whatever, but it didn't. 

I got in at $3 and was soon paying $7. It was an experiment mostly, (no really) and I was beginning to see the end of it. In total I spent $10. The initial $3 for the first month, and the $7 increased fee for the second month when I forgot to cancel my account, I know typical. 

The experience is a lot like buying weed from an illegal underground art co-op. They have cute menu's for things like, custom pics, fan-signs, genital ratings, and art commissions. And just like in life, it costs extra for penetration. 


But not all content on OnlyFans is behind a paywall or is NFSW. The site was conceived as a competitor to Patreon, a direct to consumer paywall and payment processing platform. Ie, a place where creators and small businesses could host their content, and services for would be customers. It just so happened that it was used by horny people the most. 

As you scroll through your feed, you will see other recommended 'creators', some paywalled content and some not. The nudity is always paywalled, so if you are looking for the goods, you'll have to cough up for it. 

So in closing, yes it was worth it. It only cost me $10 and I've spent $10 in plenty of worse ways. Would I do it again? No I wouldn't, not worth the time it takes to sign up, find someone you like, and all the extra steps it takes between. Our advice. Stick to the classics. Or go and find someone in the real world who wants to look at your junk as much as you do. That however, will cost ya more than just $10.