Typically Karen videos and freakouts come to us from parking lots, airplanes, and grocery stores, not from the middle of nowhere, but this is America, land of the free home of the entitled, and no matter where you go in this country, you can and should expect to confronted from someone with anger and entitlement issues. 

These kids learned that lesson the hard and hilarious way when an angry hunter called the game warden on them for shooting a duck while being one foot on his land. 

The man, decked out in camo and with fire in his eyes ensured these kids that he's a "hunter, not a dickhead." A proclamation, that one of the kids being yelled at rightly claimed was, "debatable." 

The long story short, is he (the hunter) was proven wrong (of course) and was issued a citation from the game warden which he called on himself. 

Oh sweet, sweet justice.